Lady Bugs 1500 ct.

Lady Bugs 1500 ct.



Lady bugs eat:

Aphids, mites, scales, thrips, mealybugs and other slow moving soft body insects.  Great for the organic gardener.  Release before you notice a problem.  Once you have an infestation it maybe to late for the ladybugs to keep your problem in check.  

Release Rates:

1500 can treat an area of 500 to 1000 sq. ft.  For best results retreat every couple to three weeks until they get the problem in check.  


How To Release Ladybugs The Right Way

• Do not freeze.

• Avoid direct sunlight. Prior to Release:

• Irrigate foliage to improve performance.

• With ample food and moisture, Ladybugs can begin to reproduce immediately.

• Release Ladybugs at dawn or dusk.

• Release Ladybugs on foliage and at the base of the plants. Ladybugs like to climb upwards as they seek food.



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