Dimorphotheca - aurantiaca  
Item #1011

Annual. Blooms winter to spring in warm, dry winter areas. 6" -12" tall. Full sun a must. Very attractive daisy-like flowers in orange and yellow shades. Should be called Goddess of the Sun for flowers that reflect the beauty and burning color of the sun. Closely related to the Calendula, African Daisies are actually semi-shrub perennials grown as annuals. Flowers close when shaded and at night. Excellent in warm winter areas such as Arizona (Phoenix south) and the high deserts of Southern California where, planted in the fall, they bloom in late winter and early spring. Spring planting in other areas results in summer/fall blooms. Not recommended for coastal areas.

When to plant outside: Recommended. Spring after average last day of frost for summer color or summer/fall in warm winter climates for winter color.

When to plant outside: Sow 4 weeks before last spring frost.

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