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Tips: Winter Survival Guide

Viola's Planting Guide will help you figure out what types of plants should go into different areas of your gardens. These guides are designed for Flagstaff gardens and are broken up into different categories.


Protecting Your Investment




Mid-October to December: Once a week (Until the first real winter storm)


December-March: If no precipitation, Once a month


Mid March To Mid April: If no precipitation, Once a week Be aware! Don't be fooled by the winter storm! 1"-3" of snow is not enough to keep plants moist. Keep up with watering to ensure best chances for survival.


Doney Park residents be aware of snow that gets blown away and doesn't have time to sink into the ground.




Apply Winterizer fertilizer in November and January to promote a strong and vigorous root system (weather permitting). For the natural gardener we carry Yum Yum Winterizer.


Pests and Fungi


Dormant Spray: Apply to trees, shrubs and perennials to kill pests and their eggs before they winter over in your garden.


Lime Sulfur Spray: Apply to trees, shrubs and perennials to eliminate the spores of troublesome fungi.


If you have a problem with bugs or fungi the winter is a good time to try and break the cycle. With these two steps you can take preventative action.


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