Christmas Trees


We at Viola's hope you make us part of your holiday traditions. We have decked out our nursery with Christmas lights, and designed a tree lot that we think will get you into the holiday spirit! ​


We have 3 types of fir trees coming this year. We will have Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir and Fraser Fir. These trees have a great fragrance, good needle retention, and sturdy branches.


All make great Christmas trees!

Balsam Fir


Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir 1.jpg

Canaan Fir

Canaan Fir 1.jpg

Letters to Santa

Christmas Decor1_edited.jpg
Christmas Decor3_edited.jpg

Write a

letter to Santa!

Letters to Santa1_edited.jpg

Meet Santa

VFG Santa Visit31.jpg