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History of Viola's Flower Garden   


Viola's Flower Garden was established in May of 2001 by Robyn, Art and Shaniqua (our dog) with the help of many of our dear family and friends. Yes, there is a Viola. The store is named after Robyn's grandmother who loved to garden. Although you won't see Viola at the store you will see her granddaughter working on most days.


Our first location was on Fourth Street next to Price Choppers, it was in the old Kmart Garden Center. It was a mere 4000 square feet.

In 2002 we expanded a little, but by 2003 we had more than doubled our size as we spilled into the parking lot. With the continued support of family, friends, wonderful employees, and of course our continued patronage of our regular customers, we took a huge leap and moved our location to Route 66, in the winter of 2006 . Our Route 66 location is at least twice the size and more visible from the road.

For 10 years we set up shop on Route 66, adding the Tomato Festival, Pansy Party and increasing our community involvement. Then in 2016 it all changed again! We took the biggest leap of faith in Viola's history and bought the property on 89A (the old Jackson's Grille restaurant). From there, with incredible vision and hard work, the venue has become a top wedding destination in all of Flagstaff.


Although physically we are not the same small company, from the owners, to the employees even to our beloved dog Shaniqua, we are still that small company at heart.


Thanks to all of our customers throughout the years, we enjoy your friendship and patronage. Today we feel like we have finally settled into what we had envisioned our company to be, we are excited for what the future brings.


Here are a few photos of Viola's past.

Viola's Flower Garden Now

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