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Bean Fava Robin Hood Seeds

Bean Fava Robin Hood Seeds


Delicious and highly nutritious fava beans (a.k.a. broad beans) have been an important kitchen stable throughout Europe and the Middle East for centuries. Robin Hood is a new, early bearing, shorter variety that produces especially succulent, plump beans rich in vitamins, fiber and protein on bushy plants that don’t need staking. Favas are the only beans that thrive in cool weather. Plant roots fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, so growing them benefits the garden soil.


***Ordering online is a great way to ensure personal space.  We will drop product at your door step without contact. To be even safer we will wipe down products when you receive them.  We will get through this.  :)


Free Delivery In Flagstaff City Limits and Surrounding Areas including Mountainnaire, Kachina, Forest Highlands, Munds Park, and Doney Park. Sedona we will deliver once a week. 


If you don't find what you want call us at 928-526-0202.


If you don't want delivery you can pick-up curbside (while we are allowed) just give us a toot.  

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