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March 2010 Newsletter

Ready Set Start ?

Viola's News

A happy, tired of snow, almost spring, craving fresh tomatoes, hello to everyone! Well, we survived another winter, and we can't wait to get another season underway. We have started to unpack and clean up from winter. We have most of our seeds in and we have gotten a lot of new and cool stuff in already (not plants just yet). Yes, Shaniqua is still with us she just celebrated her 10th Birthday.

If you have not taken a look at lately, we think you will be pleasantly suprised by the progress we have made. We have over 600 items in there and we are adding to it everyday. If you live out of town we even have some of our products for sale online including over 200 seeds. We also have put some videos on it. Go and check it out!!!!

Ready Set STOP!

We are finally starting to get some nice sunny days. People are already to start digging in the ground. We just remind especially the new people to check out our garden timetable for start times! If you need more info than that has we are carrying this year a great product....... drum roll ........The Flagstaff Planting Guide produced from information from all the nurseries in Flagstaff, Jim Mast and Julie Lancaster. Julie is the mastermind of the guide we still don't know how she squeezed in all that information. A must for anyone gardening in Flagstaff.

Ready Set Start ?

Okay, so we just told you that you have to wait, but what if I told you that there was a loophole. Now that I have your attention. Wall-O-Water®is that loophole. Wall-O-Water® is the original water-filled season-extender with nearly 30 years experience and testing. Your self-standing Wall-O-Water® enables you to start your cold sensitive vine crops such as tomatoes, peppers, squashes, and melons two months early. Your plants will be healthier and produce up to twice the fruit by starting 2 months sooner your plants will starting to grow 30-40 days sooner. That means around the end of April, begining of May you can put out tomatoes using the Wall-O-Water (tax time if you are brave). It will protect down to 10-12 degrees when used properly. You will want to purchase your Wall-O-Water® a week ahead of time so that you can set it up so that it can warm the soil in your garden so you don't stunt root growth.

Back To Basics

This month's organic fertilizer is corn glutten. Soon the snow in your yard will be gone, it is time to think about putting out this organic pre-emergent. Corn Glutten will stop the germination of spring weeds and grasses like crabgrass. The time to put this beauty down is when the forsythia is finishing up blooming. It's a fertilizer, and a pre-emergent and it's organic. It is a win win! Use on your lawns, flower beds or anywhere else you are having trouble with weeds. It won't get rid of existing weeds but it breaks the cycle of new ones germinating. You will want to retreat every 4- 6 weeks into the fall.

Water Wise

Well since we handed out our watering guide for the winter to everyone that came in late in the season. We got some snow so no one had to follow it. Hip hip horray! That doesn't mean that we can sit back and relax. As soon as your snow on the ground is gone and you clean up all winter's debris. You can mulch up your beds which will help your beds retain moisture. You know we are not that far away from the dry months of the season.

For those of you that have poor soil don't forget the soil suppliments. These guys feed your soil like no other. They feed the micro-organisms which in turn feed your plants. They also help unlock nutrients in the soil which makes your soil healthier. Therefore your soil will retain more moisture.

What To Do

It's time to get off the couch you have a lot to do. You need to plan that vegetable garden. You will also need to get the soil prepped for your season of fresh vegetables. Don't forget your Wall-O-Water® so you can start early.

Time to prune your shrubs and trees and any winter damage. You will also need to cut back any perennials that need to be cut back.

Rake up any thatch that has come up in the lawn from the snow. It is good to be back we are excited like always for another fun season!

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