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August 2010 Newsletter

Viola's News

Fall is approaching and that means it's a great time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, and fall annuals to freshen up beds and pots. We have violas, pansies, mums, asters, snapdragons and of course the reliable cabbage and kale. Fall flowers are great because they come in some fantastic colors, what a great way to say farewell to the planting season. It's a great time to plant because the temperatures tend to be cooler and so it's easier to get these guys going. So get out there and plant.

We recently hosted a jazzercise benefit for the cure for cancer. It was great! We had over thirty people participate and we helped raise over $1500. Thanks to all the volunteers, Mountain Sky Jazzercise and Jim Roy for building us an awesome stage. Hopefully we will have more people out next year. It was a lot of fun.

What's Buggin'

This month's bug is the cricket. I picked the cricket because for the longest time I didn't know if they were friend or foe. Let's just say we aren't going to be like the Chinese and keep them as pets because they think that they are good luck.

These foe eat decayed organic matter and seedlings. They have even been known to eat other dead or weakened crickets. They are kind of related to grasshoppers. That explains the similar look. I still haven't seen them chewing on a plant like grasshoppers do. They definitely don't reap the damage that grasshoppers do.

Most people know them by their chirping noise which is created by running the top of one wing along the teeth at the bottom of the other wing (most people think that they chirp by rubbing their legs together). There are four types of cricket songs. To get rid of them you can use diatomaceous earth and eight.

Notes You Say

This is the time of the year to take some notes. Yes that's right while you can still remember what you did this season, get out their with your camera and a pen and paper.

Write yourself a note on what worked and didn't work in your yard. Also write down what would be nice in those empty spots for next season. It's much easier to visualize it now while your plants are up and growing.

Go around the yard and find those little plant tags and write them down in your little notebook so you can remember that specific tomato or annual. We have a lot of customers come in and say "I kept the tag but I lost it."

As for the camera take pictures of your pots and your beds. This will help you recall what you liked didn't not to mention what perennials you have. When they have been gone for 4 months it's a little hard to remember all of them.

Water Wise

This is the trickiest time to water. We go from fall temperatures to the middle of summer. If that's not enough throw in the occasional rain which may or may not be sufficient. You must be very observant during this time. Look at your plants see what they are telling you. If they are wilty and the ground feels dry time to water. If your plant just doesn't look right, even wilty, and the ground is really wet you probably should skip a watering.

The hanging pots are checked by weight. If they are heavy you won't have to water. If your hanging pots are light you best get to watering.

What To Do

Time to tuck some perennials away. If you have perennials that are not looking good don't be afraid to cut them back. You still need to water them, they will regrow from the ground after you trim them up.

Fertilize your plants. The temps are changing and plants are starting to look a little rough. Give them a little boost.

Clean up and dead head your flowers. Some perennials are close or done blooming so get out there and dead head them. You can also clean your perennials if you have dry leaves or leaves that are yellow trim them off.

Make sure you get out and enjoy your garden and don't forget to cut some flowers and bring them into the house. We have a hand out in the store for cut flowers so come on into the store for one.

It's time to replace some of your annuals if they are starting to get a little ratty. Replace them with mums, asters, pansies and violas. Cabbage and kale are a great fall addition to any garden. They come in pink, purple and white and the color gets brighter with the cooler temperatures. Try some in a pot in or your flower bed.

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