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A great way to kick off the vegetable gardening season. Viola's Flower 

Garden hosts a weekend event with free classes to help you in the

best ways to maintain your garden. So far all the talks are going to be

well attended.   



10:00 From The Garden To The Kitchen

By:  Frank Branham previous owner of The Cottage Place


You grew it, now what? The previous owner of the Cottage Place Frank Branham, is going to share his techniques on how to prepare your cold hardy vegetables.  You don’t get someone with this much experience to often. This will be a must see.


11:00  Growing Native Flowers And Shrubs For Pollinators  

By:  Judy Springer


Judy is a plant ecologist at the Ecological Restoration Institute at NAU.

She has graced us with many really great talks.

This one will be no different.    


She will enlighten us on which native shrubs and flowers are great

pollinators.  This is a class for new and experienced gardeners wanting

to learn more about our Flagstaff Natives.


12:00   Beginning Gardening

By:  Robyn Walters co-owner of Viola’s

Robyn will help you make gardening  fun and easy in Flagstaff. This class is for people new to gardening in Flagstaff.  Whether it’s in the ground or in a pot she will have great tips and tricks.

If she can do it so can you!


1:00   Organic Pest Control For The Garden

By:  Art Escobedo Co-Owner Of Viola’s


Why not use nature to help control the pests in your garden?  Art’s many years experience with Viola’s and gardening has built his knowledge on pest control. He will share how simple early pest treatments can make a world of difference in the garden.  A great class for people new to Flagstaff, as well as new and experienced gardeners.


2:00    Season Extending                                   

By:  Frank Branham previous owner of the  Cottage Place                                                                        


Frank use to grow veggies for the Cottage Place.  He will show you how to

get the most out of a Flagstaff gardening season.  Flagstaff’s short

gardening season can be tricky. Sometimes if you don’t extend the

season you can miss out on getting a decent harvest.  Frank will show

you a couple of tips on how to extend the season

so you get the most out of your garden.

2:00 For Kids: Plant a Magic Bean

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